The Innovation Lab has piqued your interest. What should you do now?

There are five levels of getting involved with the Innovation Lab network at the City of Toronto.

Level One:

Keep tabs on this website and sign up for our mailing list. Note: the target audience for our mailing list is City of Toronto and agency staff, so please use your work email address to sign up.

Level Two:

Find and connect with others at the City also interested in innovation by attending an event or program.

Level Three:

Attend an orientation session or one of our monthly organizing meetings. The schedule can be found here {link}. Feel free to attend even if you’ve never been to an event (or – gasp! – aren’t on our mailing list).

Level Four:

Start or join a passion project. Passion projects are the life-force of the Innovation Lab. You can learn more about past projects here, including which ones are currently active, or even how to start your own!

Level Five:

This requires top secret clearance. We shouldn’t even be putting it on this website it’s so secret.