Luncha Kucha

What’s the story


Two Innovation Lab members, Vanessa and Amy, were faced with a few interesting problems:

  • Employees across the City are doing so much interesting, innovative, and challenging work but don’t often get to share it with people outside their team/division
  • Employees have a ton of knowledge, ideas, and experiences that they don’t use in their day-to-day work (ex: experience doing improv, passion for photography)
  • Employees don’t always have a lot of opportunities to improve their presentation skills

Out of these problems, Luncha Kucha was born! Luncha Kucha is a monthly lunch-and-learn series where two employees make a pecha kucha* presentation about a topic they are passionate about. The hope for Luncha Kucha is that it will:

  • Help employees from across divisions meet each other
  • Cross-pollinate ideas and new ways of thinking across divisions
  • Give employees the opportunity to learn and discuss topics they don’t always experience in their everyday life
  • Give presenters an opportunity to share a ideas or problem, get feedback on their idea and improve their presentation skills

*Pecha Kucha is a concise, fast-paced and creative presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 min 40 sec total). Slides advance automatically.

Some examples:

  •        Toronto’s Sharing Economy
  •        Can Improv make you a better person and public servant? Probably.
  •        What you should know about suicide prevention
  •        Reimaging the slum: a history of approaches to informal development
  •        Exploring the meaning of the septic mound
  •        Social Media at the City
  •        What are feedback loops?
  •        and we are always looking for new topics and presenters!





Call to action:

Attend Luncha Kucha sessions on the last Friday of every month. Present on a topic that inspires you! Email Amy or Vanessa to get on the presenter or invitee list.



More info about Pecha Kucha presentation style



Amy Buitenhuis or Vanessa Campisi