Data Visualization Event

get down the craft of data visualization

What’s the story

The Innovation Lab hosted an event in the fall of 2014 to introduce City staff to what’s possible with data visualizations. Arising from a need to understand the basics, and establish an entry level framework on what visualizations can do and how to create them using best practices. Honey Dacanay, a data visualization specialist who works for the Province of Ontario, was willing to share her data visualization suggestions and presentation with us.This was followed by a panel of City data users who are already proficient in the data visualization field, including Harvey Low and Carolyn Humphreys.



Call to action

Based on the success of the first event, there’s interest to offer a further, advanced Visualizations 201 presentation and/or courses. This to be explored further by interested members of the Lab and City staff. Contact us if you’re interested to help launch a follow-up.


Adam Popper

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