How food shapes our cities

3rd TEDucation Session

Date: 16 November 2011

TED Talker: Carolyn Steel

Presenter: Seodhna Keown, Toronto Food Strategy, Toronto Public Health

Event Poster

Talk summary: 

  • How do you feed a city? It’s a marvel that we can, because we rely on nature and each other
  • Food has shaped our relationship to cities, and cities have shaped our relationships to food
  • We should see cities with food as an ordering principle, because its essential to our lives, and our relationship with the planet

Relevance to Toronto Public Service:

  • It’s related to public health, city planning and social development, as well as related fields, but really all the ways people interact with the city and the countryside. That’s why Carolyn Steel ends her talk with a reference to Abrogio Lorezetti’s painting, the Alegory of Good Government, that paints a picture of how the city takes care of the countryside and the countryside takes care of the city.