is a group of engaged City of Toronto staff that recognizes the City to be a hotspot of public sector innovation. We work to stimulate and nurture a culture of innovation so this can proliferate. As a Lab, we experiment. We explore new ways of doing, bring people together, and share ideas and projects.

New Website (Beta)

We're getting ready to launch a redesigned website. Check out the development version while we finalize it and see a list of Passion Projects the Innovation Lab has been a part of.

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The Tracking Toronto Ticker Sign is the Innovation Lab’s first Lab Action project. “The Ticker” is a way to tell Toronto’s story through statistics about our society, environment and economy.

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TED ucation

TEDucation is about thinking together. Innovation happens when ideas come together, and when people are ready to make them real. We beam in a TED Talk from some of the best speakers on the planet, and follow it with a frank discussion about how their ideas apply to City of Toronto work.These events are intended for the Toronto Public Service, but we welcome all participants interested in discussing public sector innovation.

TEDucate yourself